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Are you impacted by family members who abuse alcohol, drugs or suffer addiction issues?

Support is Here to Help You Cope


Learn new coping strategies in difficult times

A family member’s abuse of alcohol, drugs, other substances and potential addictions does affect us. This can lead to harmful changes in our thinking, feelings and behaviours. It’s a heavy load for us to carry, deal with and manage. The 8 Paces is a powerful, playful, non-judgemental and very clear guide on how to drive us forward and lift us.

My name is A Cerone. As the creator and author of The 8 Paces, you’ll get to know me, whether you like me or not as I’m brutally honest. I’ve lived in and navigated through a hellish environment since 2009 and the insanity continues. This has been brought about by the behaviour of a family member (my son); a violent and self-destructive alcoholic and drug addict.

On top of this, my son’s institutional incarcerations; I’ve lost count of his continual hospital and prison stints since the age of 15 and 21 respectively. Throw into the mix my volatile reactive behaviours and what do you get? One hell of a Molotov cocktail! The 8 Paces guides and supports me and doesn’t leave my side. It’s my constant companion and confidant.

The 8 Paces introduces you to the flipside of my pain caused by worry, anxiety, fear, rage, disgust, shame, grief; the list goes on and on. The 8 Paces shows with clarity and simplicity how I harnessed my pain and negativity (dark energy, demons) as they arose; flipped it, unlocked, powered up, transformed and surged onward and upward. We can all experience this regardless of what’s happening in and around us.

Accept this gift as every little bit will help you

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A snippet about me and how I've soared

My name is A Cerone; I have studied psychology, I am a businesswoman, and a writer and self-published author across genres. They include nonfiction, autobiographical fiction, and screenwriting black comedy and shock humour movie scripts.

Nonfiction works under the Resume by Design® banner include 10,000+ employment-related documents, Career Growth and Job Search Made Easy Series five-book collection, FAQpedia® Job Hunt-to-Hired 400+ Q&A database; LaZo Writing Model; self-help such as The 8 Paces and its accompanying Pace It Program.

My alter-ego is big at play with screenwriting. I revel in flipping the macabre (based on real-life experiences) into raw and comical scenes; developing narratives, writing dialogues, creating soundtracks. Plus, I throw in a little crudity which adds to the flavour and packs a punch. This is what happens when we soar!

For over 20+ years, my primary focus has been on developing people onward and upward. As a Professional Coach and Career Management Practitioner, I have championed and orchestrated the process of driving and steering my clients' development in both their professional and personal lives.

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How high and far do you want to soar?

We’ll all get a taste of soaring with The 8 Paces by our side guiding us. When a family member abuses alcohol or drugs and is verging on addiction, many of us don’t know where to turn, who to turn to, what to say, or admit there’s a problem. Also and importantly, admitting how this affects us as many of us have forgotten about ourselves. The 8 Paces will resonate and touch those of us who are feeling overwhelmed and concerned, with the degree always varying; hour to hour, day to day.

The 8 Paces is structured into a two-part introduction followed by a chapter on each Pace. Each of them begins with one or two true stories in the context of me and my son. The stories are directly related to and aligned with the Pace and all of them are entertaining. Following the stories is a description of the respective Pace. Aligned statements and quotes are scattered throughout each Pace; they serve to inspire and shift mindsets.

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Allow The 8 Paces to flow through you and soar.

I’ll keep on sharing its secrets to help families cope with substance abuse.

Join me in the sharing and let The 8 Paces fly